The Athlete of the Year awards are given to individuals whose accomplishments in their sport are considered superior to other athletes in our area. 

In addition, the athlete displays outstanding moral character and sportsmanship.

Reggie White 

Male Athlete of the Year

  Beth Alexander (2003)

  Alex Anderson (2009)

  Damita Bullock (2001)

  Katherine Card (2006)

  Ashlen Dewart (2015)

  Beth Felts (2004)

  Taylor Hall (2015)

  Ashley Houts (2005)

  LaQuisha Jackson (2011)

Summer Lanter (2019)

  Lanni Marchant (2016)

  Stephanie Napier (2006)

  Lara Newberry (2009)

  Kelsey Jane Nunley (2017)

  Brooke Pancake (2008 & 2013)

  Kenya Patton (2002)

Ashley Renae Rogers (2018)

  Kristen Vredeveld (2012)

  Shannon Wommack (2007)

  May Wood (2000)

  Phoebe Wright (2010)

Catherine Neely

Female Athlete of the Year