Elizabeth Baker (2017)

  David W. Barger (2012)

  Keith Bartley (2007)

  Paul Kainen Boring (2012)

  Jamie Clark (2004)

  Matthew Crownover (2016)

  Susan Crownover (2016)

  Stephanie Dodd (2003)

  Vernon "Moe" Echols (2000)

  Serge Foster (2010)

  Courtnee Michelle Hall (2011)

  Amanda Harter (2001)

  Mike Hodnett (2010)

  Matt Hopper (2006)

  Tommy Howard (2011)

  Darian Jordan (2000)

  William T. Nelson, Jr. (2015)

  Rachel Danarae Price (2013)

  Austin Wallace Roden (2015)

  D.K. Joe Smith (2014)

  Jordan Thomas (2008)

  Jenny Walker (2005)

  Josh Wheeler (2009)

  Lebron Young (2002)

The Allan Morris/Jim Morgan Award is given to an athlete or person involved in athletics that has overcome great physical challenges or through diligent persistence has accomplished goals that most people in their situation would not even attempt.

Allan Morris/Jim Morgan Award